Welcome to the Future

Since you’re living in it.  Today, I passed someone with a Nook Color.  On the street, they were downloading a book to read for the day– probably they’ll delete it tonight.

But that’s a future like we’d have never dreamed of even 20 years ago.  Thirty years ago, in 1981, the future was still big.  Big computers, kept in climate controlled rooms (the computer I’m typing this on is doing just fine in a dusty room that’s about 85 degrees right now.), tended by earnest young men in white coats.

But the future is made up of young people texting furiously, old grandmothers buying ebook readers because now they can control the text size and thus read their old favorites better, an internet that is being defined by distributed– not centralized– systems of handling data.  It’s the future.

But it wasn’t the future we expected.
So the question rises– what will the next generation think about our expectations for the future?


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