Low tech and free “light bulbs”.

Without light, you don’t work. You don’t read.  In the ancient world, you existed pretty much by the pattern of the sun.

And in the modern world if a nation wants light, it has to have power, and power costs– not just the people who immediately use it, but the price in imported oil, grids, etc, etc.  For a developing nation, that can be a huge amount.

But there are ways to get around it.


Plastic bottles jut from the roofs in one Metro Manila slum, mushrooming across rows and rows of shanty homes. But they aren’t just bottles—they bring light.

Using the simplest of technologies to brighten dim and dreary shanties, the bottles, which contain bleach and water, are placed snugly into a purpose-built hole in the roof. They reflect sunlight and spread it through the room beneath.

As a result, the project called “Isang Litrong Liwanag,” which means “A Liter of Light,” helps the poor residents save money and live better—in a renewable way.

“If you can make a grass-roots revolution wherein each and every person can have an improvement of life with green technology, then that little—if added together—can cumulatively improve Filipino living,” said Illac Diaz, an eco-entrepreneur who launched the project.


The interetsing thing about this, is it isn’t just of import to the  Phillipines. It could be of tremendous help to the US, because we are probably the biggest user of energy per capita on the planet.   Granted, this really doesn’t have the “neat, buttons and lights” thing going for it that is popular in so many quarters, but it works, and it’s cheap.  We shouldn’t stop looking for other sources of power, or other methods– but only a fool ignores something that again, works, and is cheap.



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