Where did Libya get the guns?


The answer is, of course they got them from us– or the West.  There is not, in fact a single authoritarian government in the third world that does not have a very, shall we say, cozy relationship with Western Arms manufacturers.


now think about this– not only do they get the guns from us, but all too often the training as stated below:


I highlighted reports from 2008, claiming that former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder had brokered a deal for elite German commandos to train the Libyan security services:

The German officers would receive €15,000 each, paid by a private security firm which in turn got a €1.6m cheque from Libya. They would take time off from their elite anti-terrorist unit. Their superiors thought they were vacationing in Tunisia, though the German embassy in Libya knew their real purpose. The officers set up shop in a barracks in Tripoli, where for 6 months they taught their Libyan counterparts how to storm buildings, board ships and operate out of helicopters.

It’s a sweet racket– the west can get paid for the tools used to oppress the citizens, and then suddenly, with shock, shock! that there is gambling in the establishment. We pull the aid, and if we’re lucky soon have a new government that has to rebuild it’s forces, that now buys from us– in LIbya, the middle man is cut out, NATO is taking the role of blowing up all that equipment that will one day be bought, likely at above retail prices, from the west.


This isn’t just a minor point– if we weren’t so eager to support governments like this, they would be less able to ignore popular dissent, since they wouldn’t have a source of easy training and equipment, and they might be prone to negotiating more and forming a broader base of support. It is, in fact the old Colonial game, dressed up in guided missiles– become someone’s supplier, make them dependent on you, and then when you cut them lose they have far fewer options…



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