Artifical grass, blegh.

I’ve seen a bit of this around, and I’d like to warn people.



This is real grass. You want this in your yard

Is grass. It takes in carbon dioxide, and gives us oxygen. It cools the area down in the heat of the day, and is a part of the recycling system of  the planet.



This is not grass.

It looks green, but that’s where the similarity ends.  It doesn’t cool the area down, quite the contrary, it heats it up (no respiration occurring) and it also can lead to pollution based on the fact that you’ve got lots of little plastic things that will eventually degrade and fall off. For some, for some very limited purposes, such as paint fall fields, it can be okay.  For most others, it’s a bad, bad idea.  The problem is, I’ve seen more and more shopping centers here in CA use it, replacing their regular (living) grass with this stuff to save money on watering it.  It’s a case of being penny wise and pound foolish, because they get hotter, less pleasant surroundings out of it.

If you see a place doing this, you might want to stick your head in and suggest that maybe, in this case, newer, ain’t better, and go back to the old  MK I, living grass.



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