Cheap e-readers– how not to do it.

Cheaper is better, right?


One of the current trends in the new ereader market is to put out cheap e-readers, some with eink, some with lcd screens like the Sharper Image Literati.  You’d think that these units, some of them 50 dollars or less on clearence would help the ereader market.

Far from it.  You can have cheap, but if it doesn’t work, then you won’t think, “Gee I got this for 50$” you’ll be thinking, “Crap, I just got took for 50 dollars,” and likely never buy another one again.

Which is really unfortunate.  The Ereader, both the concept (digital books downloaded to be read on a device) and the hardware is probably of the most important things to hit the book market since the mass paperbook market got started.  It won’t be helped, however, by bad products turning the casual consumer– the individual who has been leaving the written book market over the last twenty or so years– off the entire concept.

If someone asks you– suggest they pick up the Kindle, or the Nook (or Nook Color), or one of the other first rank ebook’s.  They might spend a bit more, but they, and the market, will thank you in the long run.